Conscious About COVID In The Community

Here at Conscious Cleaning Company, people are at the centre of everything we do. Our fantastic team, our loyal customers, and especially the community around us. The impacts of Covid-19 have been felt by so many, yet we are constantly inspired by the resilience and kindness seen within our community. It was important for us to contribute, and help strengthen the feeling of solidarity and safety in our community.

As lockdown was announced and the supermarket frenzy had begun, Conscious Cleaning Co.’s priority was how can we help those that needed support the most. We reached out to a state-run elderly housing estate called London City Alms, in the heart of Brixton! With vast uncertainties and little guidance, compounded by little financial stability or support, the residents were extremely anxious about how they would navigate this pandemic; continue their food shopping while following government guidelines to shield and #stayhome

Our Support Mission

  • We printed and distributed flyers to all residents, with our contact details so they could place shopping orders which we would carry out and deliver
  • We reached out to and partnered with Maroush restaurants, who donated food including fresh milk, bread, and their tasty curries!
  • We reached out to HTC on the common who funded and helped us organise a large fresh fruit and vegetable order to stock up all residents
  • We organised a weekly shopping service through our Church HTC on the common, who made their food bank available to all residents

The feedback we received from the residents at London City Alms was incredible; that we had relieved a huge amount of anxiety and nervousness through the lockdown period. Residents no longer had to worry how they were going to get their next meal!

We are extremely proud to have helped the 50 residents and brought together parts of our community who had previously not worked with each other or thought to reach out to the community residents.

Conscious is not just a name for our us. It is the foundations and ethics from which our company was built upon. We continue our work with the community and hope to inspire others, as we have been inspired by those around us.

Janine Marshall
Senior Account Director